“Training with Coach McCoy was not the easiest task, but it was well worth it. He pushed when I wanted to give up. When he trains, he trains to perfection making sure every drill is done correctly. If anything Coach McCoy helped me build my confidence and accept the fact that its a process. He is a coach of high knowledge and knows how to improve anyone’s talents and skill work by establishing a strong work ethic. I give him credit for helping me become talented enough to play at the NJCAA level…”

Jaresa Brooks

SF, Jones Junior College Women's Basketball

“Training with Coach McCoy was never an easy workout, he will motivate and build your confidence as a player. Your strengths will be perfected and your weaknesses will be shown as if it was a strength. Just after a few sessions, it’s a guarantee that the work you would be seeing progress in your game. He helps you not only to become a better skill player but also improve your basketball IQ.”

Malek Butler

SG, Senior