Cost Breakdown

2022 Spring/Summer2022

Spring/SummerSample Cost Breakdown Sheet


  • Annual Membership Fee  $100
  • Uniform (if applicable)  $  75
  • Practice Facility Fee   $100Total Upfront Costs (with Uniform Purchase):  $275
  • Total Upfront Costs (without Uniform Purchase):  $200


75 per month per player $300


  • Annual Membership Fee $100
  • Uniform (New Members) $  75
  • Coaching Fee $300
  • Practice Facility Fee $100
  • Tournaments $375
  • Total Projected Costs (New Club Member):  $950
  • Total Projected Costs (Returning Club Member):  $875

2022 Spring/Summary Payment Schedule

Annual Membership Fee:  The annual membership fee of $100 is due upon committing to the team.  This fee applies to players in grades K – 12.  This fee covers website, insurance, and club administrative fees, as well as the cost of office products, and telephone and internet services.  Employee salaries and costs to maintain office space for the operation of the organization is also covered by the annual membership fee.  The full annual membership fee is renewed every year in February/March before the spring/summary season begins.

Uniform Fee:  The uniform fee includes reversible uniforms, which are used for home and away.  The uniform fee of $75 is due the day a player commits to his or her team.  This fee can be paid by check, cash, Cash app, or Venmo.  Uniforms will not be distributed until all fees are paid.

Coach Training Fee:  Coaches’ fee will with in monthly fees. Coaches’ fees are $75 per month. Prior to each due date, parents can expect to receive an email from the Club Administrator and/or Team Manager as a reminder of the due date.  All payments should be made directly to the organization.

Practice Facilities Fee:  A practice facility fee of $100 is due upon committing to the team and must be paid.  Destined for Greatness will provide gym space for all teams.  (Regularly scheduled gym locations and practice times could be altered based on the needs of the entity renting facility to our organization.

Tournaments:  Tournament fees are determined by the price of each tournament. The fees are paid with the monthly fees.  These fees are based on the number of players on each team.  Each individual player is responsible for his/her portion whether in attendance or not.  (Average tournament fees range from $35-$37 per player per tournament.)

Payment Schedule

Payment Schedule:New (with uniforms)
February 25th : $275 (upfront)
March 25th $169
April 25th $168
May 25th $168
June 25th $170

Returning (w/o uniforms)

February 25th : $200 (upfront)
March 25th $169
April 25th $168
May 25th $168
June 25th $170


2022 Spring League

Tournament Schedule

April 9-10 : OFY Spring Tip-Off (Fort Worth, TX)

April 23-24 : OFY Spring Hoopfest (Lewisville/Grapevine, TX)

May 6-7 : OFY Not on Mother’s Day (Fort Worth/Weatherford, TX)

May 21-22 : OFY Big Dogs Hoops Showdown (Fort Worth, TX)

June 4-5 : OFY Back to Summer Splash (Grapevine/Mansfield, TX)

June 18-19 : OFY Ballerz Only (Grapevine/Lewisville, TX)

June 25-26 : OFY Independence Day Shootout (Fort Worth, TX)

July 9-10 : OFY National Youth Showcase (Grapevine, TX)

July 16-17 : OFY Super 64 National Championships (Grapevine/Mansfield, TX)

July 23-24 : OFY Summer Jam Finale (Grapevine/Frisco, TX)